there I fixed it.


there I fixed it.

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Okay, so I have this obsession fascination with binaural audio (3D sound). I was very bored, so I tried to convert an existing audio file to emulate 3D sound. I think the end result sounds pretty cool. Headphones are required!

Edit: Here’s a download link for anyone interested!

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"I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon."


Hear more tales of nerdery in this week’s Pwn Up! (via dorkly)

Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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This is basically how I think about society’s hierarchy of power and false equivalence.  Because apparently I think in shitty MS Paint drawings.

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If Star Wars were a 1980’s High School movie.


Hey soloontherocks

excuse me we need to talk about motorcycle gang Vader and Fett

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Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

#she was laughing at her husband and son#people who she loved dearly enough to give up her life#and snape took that and cut them out of it so he could pretend she was laughing for him#her love in the letter was for sirius who was best man at her wedding and her good friend who fought at her side in the order#and snape took that so he could pretend her love was for him#snape is fucking trash and this is not romantic at all

this this this this this omg this si so disgusting this guy is a creep who feels entitled to Lily’s love even though he’s done nothing to deserve it
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long ago the four melons lived together in harmelony and then everything changed when the firemelons attacked





long ago the four melons lived together in harmelony and then everything changed when the firemelons attacked


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I swear I’m not obsessed.

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Just a friendly reminder that Gabriel came back on a Tuesday

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Looking Back On Tonight’s Episode


Here’s your spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen tonight’s episode of “Supernatural” and would not like to be spoiled.

(random fun fact that I thought I’d share, “Heat Of The Moment” just started playing on my iphone as I started typing this)

Tonight’s episode, there’s definitely a lot to talk about for this one. For starters, Gabe did return for the episode and was brought back via a nice little nod to his last episode. Casa Erotica was always an interesting way for him to communicate. Yes, we find out that the whole setup he and Cas went through was fake, but it was a similar setup to Changing Channels but this time the lesson was for Cas this time. Granted, since the whole setup was fake you could argue that that means Gabe wasn’t really there and that he’s still dead. BUT, when Gabe is in the car with Cas and he looks out the window while talking, he gives a brief look at the camera like he’s saying “Come on, did you really think I was gone for good?” Also, he said he just skimmed through the script for his parts, which means he could actually be back. And the look he gave Cas before it all faded, that had to be his own touch and not something Metatron wrote in. Plus, if you think back to something Metatron said earlier in the season, he wanted to bring some angels back, maybe even some funny ones. Perhaps that was a reference to Gabe.

Going back to the whole thing about everything being part of a script, let’s take a moment to look at Metatron this episode. For one, he was clearly in control this episode. He wrote the script and perhaps the typos most of the fandom were harping on when we first saw the preview were meant to be there. At the end of the episode Metatron referred to the script as a first draft. First drafts are always going to have errors and we know he found these and knew what had to be worked on as the show went on. This episode really brought out a bit more of that darker side to his character. He included himself in his story as we find out when he explains the whole thing to Cas. Metatron has made himself the hero of his own story and has made Cas the villain. Granted, he gave Cas an army, but the one thing about writing that makes it fun are the twists. Stories can take unexpected turns, even for those writing them. Speaking of writing, Metatron even gave us his writing technique for this. He already planned how it ends. Writing the ending first is actually a good method because it gives you something to work up to. In Metatron’s case this writing technique could easily lead to something I mentioned in a past post from earlier in the season. In this episode we see a bit of tension between Metatron an Gadreel. While we din’t see much of this tension through Gadreel, we do see it through Metatron. Near the end of the episode when he’s talking to Gadreel we can see the doubt he has. He’s starting to doubt Gadreel’s usefulness, especially since he got himself caught and nearly killed. Metatron might be thinking of taking Gadreel out of the picture. Even when Metatron went to set the trade with Sam, you could see that he was annoyed by the fact that he had to do that.

As for Cas, we could definitely say that this episode was a chance to see how far his character has come. He’s been given an offer that could be useful to him, but he does what he knows and feels is the right thing. He’s also just about as unsure about whether Gabe is dead or alive as the fans are. And we get to see him act like a mother finding out that their child got a tattoo without them knowing(or, that’s how I saw the whole thing with Cas finding out about the mark of Cain).

All in all I really enjoyed this episode. It had nice throwbacks to previous episodes, as well as some interesting plot and character development.

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Gabriel in 9.18 Meta Fiction

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